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Teacher unions protect child molesting teachers!

We have seen in the news, blogs and the papers many scenarios where teachers have been accused of behaving inappropriately towards school children and in most cases have gotten away with it. In short, these teachers have molested children and paid no consequences.

Punishments such as short, lenient suspensions have been handed out, along with time in the “rubber room“, a purgatory of sorts for teachers that break the rules. Unions and the ridiculous processes that are in place protect these predator teachers from serious repercussions such as termination and worst, jail time.

This doesn’t make much sense to me though. Doesn’t criminal law trump some b.s union rules? Termination? Are you kidding me?

I’ll tell any of you teachers out there that have considered molesting children, you touch my son, or any children that I know of, I’ll find you and severely beat the sh*t out of you. Am I stupid enough to threaten someone in a public forum, a website? Absolutely. If you are stupid enough to violate a child, and I find out, I’m willing to be stupid enough to put a serious hurting on you.

Termination would be a blessing considering what you’d have coming your way. I’ll gladly spend a little time in jail to make sure you wear dentures for the rest of your life. I am certain I can recruit help too, and you’d be in really bad shape. So think twice before you go and touch that little boy or girl you disgusting animals.

Right now there is legislation in Albany being spearheaded by a NY senator.  She is trying to remove these policies that protect these criminal child molester teachers. What I don’t get is how they don’t go to jail for the crime.

For more details on this topic take a look at the original article on

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8 years ago


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8 years ago

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8 years ago

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