Team Beachbody Scams

Recently I was approached by a friend whom I believe genuinely wants to help me regain my health and lose some of this excess bodyweight. She happens to be a team beach body coach and invited me to try out their Shakeology product.

This is a friend of mine who I happen to trust, and I made that clear to her, I trust you, but I don’t trust Team Beachbody. Are you sure that if I get down with this, these guys aren’t going to screw me? This sounds like another fancy pyramid scheme where I’m going to end up in some sort of trap, and I didn’t want anything to do with that! She assured me that this would not happen.

She asked me to become a coach because it would provide me some sort of product discounts, etc. Once again, I was very clear and explained to my friend that I had ZERO intentions of coaching anyone. She said she understood, and that I wouldn’t have to. All I was supposed to be doing was buying the product at a cheaper cost as a coach.

I was still very skeptical, and it took weeks before I decided to try out the product.

My concerns were regarding any hidden costs, fees, or commitments. Before committing to this, I asked if there were any monthly or annual costs, etc. I was told no, there were none. I also asked about autoshipments that may be on by default. I’ve been around the block so I know how these companies play their games with us. Again, I was told no, she did say they may have autoshipments, but that I could easily turn that off.

Okay. Again, I trust this person, so I didn’t dig into online reviews, etc. If you tell me there are no fees, and that there are no commitments, I’ll trust in you.

Well, once again, my instincts and gut did not fail me. Against my instincts, I proceeded with this, and yesterday began my regrets, $115 worth of regret.

Autoshipments process:

You would think that a website such as Team Beachbody would have a button where you can go in and “check off” or “check on” autoshipments, right? Well, if you think that, then you’d be wrong. These guys make it super easy to join up, but to postpone a shipment, they make it like a complicated test! Take a look at this screenshot:

shakeology Cancel Auto form

You have to tell them your product, the date it ships, the size, your coach id, and then to add insult to injury, they don’t let you cancel autoshipments, only delay them for a maximum of two months.

What the hell is this nonsensical crap?

Why the hell do I have to go through this to delay autoship for two months? Why do I have to give you the last four of my social, and why isn’t my autoship listed here? Why do I have to go through some other form to find this info?

This is the most convoluted, backwards crap I have ever seen! They don’t ask me this many questions to book a flight around the globe! Why are you guys so damn “secure?”

I get it though, this is a strategy to try and force you to stay on their product. Sneaky, terrible and straight up disrespectful policy. So, you have to actually call these people to cancel the autoshipment.

Monthly fees:

No monthly or yearly fees to be a coach? Bull crap! I’m assuming that my friend wasn’t aware of this, but I find it rather odd that she wouldn’t know they charge you a monthly fee to be a coach. There is a $15 monthly fee to be a coach. Remember I accepted the coach title because it would allegedly grant me some discounts. Well, if by discounts you mean a $15 monthly charge, to receive a protein powder that costs $100 a month, then sure, you get a discount.

If this is the cost with a discount, and this offsets some higher cost, then this product is absolutely not affordable for the average person. Who can pay that much for a damn protein powder? I’m so angry about this, it is such a rip off.

Canceling Beachbody:

This got me so freaking angry last night. So guess what, you want to cancel? You can’t just do it over the phone or web. You have to fill out a damn physical form, and fax, mail or email it. Again, they are making it so difficult so that you simply give up. Who does this? Why does Team Beachbody think that it is okay to waste so much of their customer’s time?

Beach Body Cancel Clean

I submitted all of my paperwork to them, and I kept the product. However, if they send me anything else, I’m sending it all back and disputing every charge that came from them. I took the hit this time, but I won’t any further.

Here’s a little humor for you, before the gentlemen hung up, he stated what is on one of the forms.

“You do know that this will affect your rankings, right?”

Fool, I don’t give a damn about your stupid rankings! Cancel my crap!

What has your experience been like with Team Beachbody?

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Team Beachbody Scams – via @arodomus


Team Beachbody Scams


Team @Beachbody and their shady business practices.


Shame on your coach for not informing you properly. It is people like that, that give this company I love, a very bad name.