Tear jerker: Man meets children he saved during holocaust!

We often get so caught up in all the drama of the day to day. All this that is happening with immigration, Obama, and just our lives in general. I like to put things into perspective and look at the big picture from time to time. In addition to that, I like to see the beauty in all the darkness. I mention the holocaust above, and it’s hard to imagine any beauty coming out of such an event. Take a few moments to watch this video, this man, Sir Nicholas Winton, is about to receive an amazing, touching surprise. I can’t imagine how it must feel to know that you not only saved these people, but you are also directly responsible for all of their children, grandchildren, and their continued legacy. Can you imagine that? What an amazing feeling that must have been, this right here, this is a true hero. I’m glad he could experience this before leaving the earth.


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