Tech Madness

It’s should come as no surprise that I love my tech gadgets. I worked as a tech for over 18 years! I spent day in and day out working on desktop computers, networks, laptops, and of course the WORLD WIDE WEB!

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been getting my hands dirty on techie stuff. Currently I have a laptop, a desktop, an iPhone (modified, on and off), a kindle (modified), and all the major gaming entertainment systems (all modified well beyond the stock version). I run several websites. I use all of the major, and some lesser known social networks, and most importantly, I have them all able to talk to each other.

The tech machine is a massive beast, and if you don’t keep it in check, it can devour you. One night I was trying to add some functionality to one my blogs and I was having some issues getting it to work. I was up until 4:30 am when my wife woke up to use the bathroom and ordered me to get to bed. I agreed, because if I didn’t stop then I’d simply keep going until the break of dawn, again!

Sometimes I wish things were simpler, like the old days. Just a telephone at home for everyone, and a 2 way pager for the drug dealers. Ahh, the good old days.

But seriously, who am I kidding, I love this stuff. Here I am talking about old days as I write this from a modern laptop!

Tell us how you use your tech!

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