Teen Titans – The Judas Contract

It seems to me that when it comes to live action films, the DC franchise has been dropping the ball. Critics and fans alike have been very critical of their films. Personally, I tend to enjoy all of their films and consider myself a fan. Man of Steel was my favorite, and I was deeply troubled to hear that Henry Cavill was out as Superman. I thought he was phenomenal in that role. So where do they go from here? Time will tell.

All that being said, you can’t knock the DC franchise when it comes to animated films. I don’t think that I have seen one bad DC animated film yet. I think the artwork is on point, and the story lines are pretty damn dope.

I recently watched The Teen Titans film called, “The Judas Contract.” You should know my policy when it comes to spoilers, and it is that I try not to provide any. If I do, I provide ample warning. So you’re not going to get an in-depth review of the movie from me, there are already plenty of people out there who are so much better at that than I am. What I will give you is that this movie is pretty damn dope. It has love, deceit, treachery, fanaticism, suspicion, and so much more all in one movie! I truly enjoyed it.

As always my man Robin (Damian) is always hip to stuff and suspects something is off in paradise. However, being hip to stuff doesn’t always work out for us in the end. To understand what I’m saying, you’ll just have to watch the film. But I don’t really think that I have to twist your arm to watch this, it’s likely that if you are reading this then you already saw the movie or you are a fan who’s going to see it. I understand that some of us require some reassurance before committing 90 minutes of our lives to a feature film. I get that.

I don’t know much about the Teen Titans and some of the characters were only introduced to me just yesterday. I was a little reluctant about watching the film because I don’t know or care about those characters all that much. But I know that DC be making some dope ass movies, so I decided to watch it and it did not disappoint. Going forward seeing Teen Titans on the cover will not give me pause when it comes to a DC animated film.

There are periods throughout the film where they say things that indicate an expectation of having seen some earlier movie, but overall I think you can watch this as an independent film and still enjoy it. Like I said I don’t follow The Teen Titans and I sure as hell don’t know a damn thing about them. Even so, I was able to watch this film and enjoyed it just fine without knowing anything about them or the past story lines. If you’re a fan then you’ll enjoy this you more than I did. Highly recommended!

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