Tender moment with a class participant

When I teach at the gym, I am very intense. I push myself hard, and I want my participants to do the same. I don’t abuse anyone, but I try and get you to challenge and push yourself. I want that each week you leave stronger than the week before.

Yesterday I was teaching a class, and I had a woman who didn’t even try to do a pushup. I tried to encourage her, but she said, “I like zumba, not this.” I went over to her and I told her that she didn’t have to do the pushup if she couldn’t. However, I asked her to try to simply hold a plank as that will be begin to strengthen some of the involved muscles.

She seemed reluctant to try, but I gently coached her and told her to try. I told her even if you can only do 5 seconds, try. So she did, and she held it. I was happy to see her try, and I praised her. I realized that she reminded me of my mom, and that’s probably part of the reason I was so gentle and tender with her. She had the same hair color, length and physical build as my momma bear.

In any case, she tried and successfully did the plank for me. I was proud of her for at least trying!

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Angel Rodriguez

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