Terminator Genisys

I’m an Arnold fan. I have pretty much always been a fan of this man. Sure, he’s had a few film flops, but which star hasn’t? Honestly, I tried to watch Conan the Barbarian a few nights ago, and I couldn’t stay awake. But overall Arnold has had a great film career, and I am a big fan.


That being said, I have never sat and properly watched the first films in the Terminator series. I’ve seen them all, and I know the concept behind the films. However, I watched because it just happened to be on the tv. I don’t recall sitting specifically for the purpose of watching the first films. That’s going to change, I’m going to go back and watch them all once again with purpose!


Genisys was a pretty good film. There was a lot of action in this movie. As expected there was a lot of stuff exploding and age hasn’t slowed Arnold down one bit as an entertainer. How about that amazing motivational video that they put out of Arnold to the Inception soundtrack? That inspired the heck out of me!

So I recognized Khaleesi during the previews, but it wasn’t until the end of the film that I recognized her again. I’m a goofball like that.


She did a great job, and was a very convincing Sarah Connor. She gave the Arnold Terminator a nickname, Pops! Pretty cool! He even develops a sense of humor and smiles on occasion. This made me laugh!


The film takes a very weird twist. If you have watched the previews, I presume you know about this. Yet, maybe you don’t, so I’m not going to spoil it for you.

There is one scene in the end that kind of left me a bit confused regarding Sarah’s trust and caution level. Again, I didn’t caution against spoilers, so I won’t say anything. You’ll be able to tell what I’m talking about once you watch the film.

I think the film was pretty damn good and comes Nyctalking recommended! If you watched it, let us know what you think! But be careful with those spoilers ya’ll!

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