The Anchor – five furies

I just randomly picked up this comic, and my first impressions are really positive. The comic is about a being who goes by “The Anchor” who has no memory of who he was, but is aware of his purpose. His soul is in hell fighting to keep Demons there and in his physical flesh he is fighting demons on earth. It’s kind of trippy how that’s set up. I’d be confused if I were fighting two wars at once, literally at once.

On Earth, you have the usual suspects, some stupid Colonel who wants to use his powers for “military applications.” It is very reminiscent of Brzrkr, Hulk, Wolverine and so on. There is always some military dirtbag trying to abuse their powers. Anchor refuses to hurt humans, despite them testing on and torturing him. He doesn’t resist or fight them, he only fights monsters. That is unless you make a really bad strategic calculation and threaten his friend. Then he might mess you up.

I haven’t finished the series yet, but I am enjoying it and recommend it if you are up for something different. I can visualize this being a dope film or series, it really has potential.

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