The Black Order – Warmasters of Thanos

So my first impression of this comic is that they have slightly weakened this powerful group of killers. I haven’t finished the whole series yet, but Midnight Próxima alone should have been able to lay waste to King Atticans whole army. The fact that they were all captured by these losers after kicking ass on so many of their other colonies just doesn’t sit well with me.

Regarding the dynamic of Corvus and Próxima needing a “master” to follow, and all the deep thoughts that they seem to show us, I kind of dig that, and it is consistent with the Thanos book I just finished reading, but this too bugs me a bit. These are killers bruh, not emotional characters like The Vampire Louis by Anne Rice.

I expected them to be a bit tougher and to make quick work of this damn clown. I don’t know, I’m not hating the comic, but I’m not in love with it either. For now, it’s worth a read, but I’m not pulled in like some other works have gotten me. It’s good, but I expect more from them.

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