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The day after MayDay.

It is the day after the Occupy movement had scheduled the MayDay protests.

The area that seems at this point to have received the worst of it in the states is Seattle, where arrests were made after some banks and shops were attacked by some anarchists.  To read more on this story click here, and for some pictures from MSNBC take a look on their site.

In NYC Citibank workers emailed us stating that they witnessed some noise and craziness in the union square area branch. Employees were instructed to remove name badges and company pins. This move was for the employees safety.

On the Wall street front the police and security secured the area tightly. The atrium next to 60 Wall street, usually used by Occupy members to meet was completely shut down. No access permitted from the subway or any of the top levels.

It is safe to conclude that the small shop owners within the atrium were not happy with this security measure. Does the city pay these folks for loss income due to this type of scenario?

The space outside the NYSE and surrounding area was also shut down. This proved troublesome for many folks that rely on the Broad street J train stop and the 4/5 stop on Wall. Foot traffic was redirected through Williams street away from these areas of interest. The trains were still accessible, they just required additional walking via the least direct routes.

Overall most folks we spoke with in regards to this event replied with it was “business as usual”.

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