The Duggars To Offer Sex Counseling On TLC?

So Josh Duggar not only molested his sisters, a babysitter, and has an addiction to porn, (which he blames on Satan by the way) but he also cheated on his wife using the Ashley Madison website. Ouch!

Why do I rag on the Duggars so often? There is a simple reason for that. These people are hypocrites of the highest order. They advocated against LGBT folks, and advocated for “traditional marriage.”

You would then expect that these people are pretty perfect right? I mean, why else would they be out there judging other people and their lifestyles?

Naturally, once it comes out that not only are they imperfect, but they are seriously f*cked up, one has no choice but to call them on their hypocrisy.

It was even stated that the parents wanted to work with TLC on some form of sexual abuse counseling for victims of sex crimes. Really? These people helping victims of sex crimes? They couldn’t even help their own family! Get the hell out of here!

Watch the video for more on these topics!

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