The female orgasm

I was talking with some friends about orgasms, both male and female. One of them commented on bringing women to orgasm. Now if you know me, you know I’m not going to sell you some ridiculous glory story about how great my penis skills are and how I made every woman cum every time I had sex. That’s the pride and ego version you’ll get from insecure men who need to feel like they are the shit. From me, you know you’ll get the truth. And the truth is I have no formula on how to make a woman reach orgasm. With some ladies, I got them to orgasm, and some I didn’t. It’s as simple as that. Mind you, I say “I got them to orgasm,” but what I’m saying is that they reached orgasm while having sex with me. Its not some magical skill I have, it’s just the entirety of our sexual union.

In any case, here is what I have observed that may prove helpful to you though. I know that men can reach orgasm way easier than women. This is just a fact. We can stick our penis inside a vagina, start to stroke, and you’ll eventually cum. Women on the other hand, tend to be way more complex when it comes to orgasm. Mind you, this is just my opinion based on my experience, I’m not a doctor or sex expert. However, I believe that with a woman, she has to be extremely comfortable, and really letting herself go to reach orgasm.

There is a physical component to it obviously, I mean maybe a guy with a 10 inch cock can make all women cum regardless of whether or not they are mentally comfortable, though I doubt that is the case. Anyway, working off of that premise, for someone like me, who doesn’t have that 10 inch penile prowess, I find that there is a combination of both physical and mental aspects that play into it. I believe that the woman has to really let go in order to consistently reach orgasm. The sex is better too. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely feel the difference when I’m with a woman that I am connected with on a higher level as opposed to someone I was just fucking with no real emotional connection. I think that works both ways too.

I mean, I could even feel the difference in sex when we transitioned from casual sex to more intimate sex. Maybe this is just my experience, but I think its likely a universal thing. I found that women who were apprehensive for whatever reason, or not entirely comfortable with me or themselves had a harder time reaching orgasm if they ever did at all! As opposed to someone who was comfortable with me, themselves, and all the elements of the situation, they tended to reach orgasm (multiple times) more readily. I’ve even had some cum on my face from oral sex!

In my opinion, in order to have a woman reach orgasm with you, she has to be really comfortable, trust you, etc. When that happens, you’ll both notice the difference and the sex will be so much better! Then all parties involved with reach that magical orgasm together! So gentlemen and ladies, if you want to make her cum regularly, don’t just focus on the body, stimulate her mind, her whole body, her soul, and maybe it will happen. Good luck!

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