First Step To Sustained Weight Loss

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First Step To Sustained Weight Loss

For the past few months, I have been consistently training. I have experienced slow and steady success. Everyday, more and more people approach me at the gym, on social media, in my building, and at events to compliment my ongoing progress. I’m telling you this, not to brag, but to prove that the information I will be sharing in this ongoing series actually works.

Recently, one of my neighbors asked me what I was doing. He wanted me to tell him everything that I was doing so that he could begin his journey to sustained weight loss. I explained to him that this approach was a terrible mistake. I said that I would be glad to help him achieve his goals, but it doesn’t happen overnight, and that it is a process. If I try to explain everything that I am doing, it will overwhelm him, and he will never be able to do it.

I decided to start by explaining the very first step that I took on this journey. This may seem like common sense, and not that big a deal to you, but trust me when I say that this is crucial. The very first step to sustained weight loss is to eliminate all sugary drinks from your daily diet. Let me be clear here, when I say sugary drinks, I don’t mean just soda, but this also includes the juices, the BEER, and even alcohol.

The sugary drinks are the easiest, and fastest way to ingest massive amounts of simple sugars and calories into your body. Think about it, who has just one drink and stops? How many oranges would you have to use to fill up the number of glasses of juice that you drink? I know when I drank soda, it was never just one glass. I went through 2 liter bottles of soda like they were water! Except, unlike water, each bottle contained massive amounts of calories, sugar, and a whole bunch of other migraine causing crap that is terrible for your body.

The very first step is to eliminate these items from your diet. Don’t worry about anything else for now. If you drink soda, orange juice, beer, or alcohol, then this is your very first step to sustained weight loss. Do not underestimate how important this step is. I’m not saying that you cannot have a drink here and there, but it should become the exception and not the rule.

Once I did this, I already knew that I was cutting my caloric intake significantly. It was super easy, and all of you can do it! So, what are you waiting for? You know have step 1, stay tuned for step 2 in a future article!

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