The Flashpoint Paradox

I have decided to start watching all of the DC animated films in sequence. The Flashpoint Paradox was the first one that was listed, so I started here. I have seen this movie at least two times before. Still, I decided to watch it again so that it can be fresh in my head as I go forward with the other films. After this, I will watch Justice League War once again.

In the story, we know that The flash lost his mom. He is understandably devastated by this great loss, that’s a given. So he has the ability to travel so fast that he can actually break the time continuum and affect the past. So in desperation, he goes back in time to try and save his mother. Unfortunately, this act completely alters the timeline and changes everything.

For instance, Batman is now Bruce Wayne’s dad, Thomas Wayne. Superman was captured and imprisoned by the government, leaving us with only a sad shadow of what he was meant to be. Aquaman and Wonder Woman had an affair and are now at war. A war so grand and deadly that it threatens to destroy the entire world as we know it.

All this came to be because of this one change that The Flash did in a bout of understandable desperation. Of course, Captain Zoom is involved and he is loving every second of it. In his words, if dying means seeing the Flash suffer, “worth it.” So by syphoning the speed force, he is preventing The Flash from going back in time and changing things back to what they were before his huge mistake.

It is an exciting and entertaining film. If you have not yet seen it, take the time! I think that DC has done a great job with their animated films and I look forward to watching the other remaining movies again.

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