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The Future of America’s Entertainment: Krissy Lewis

As writer, entertainer, and television personality I have come across many different types of people. Some of them are cool, some are straight up jerks, and some have something that separates them from the pack.

krissy lewis

Meet Krissy Lewis, a young, up and coming journalist from Queens, NYC. I officially met Krissy when I performed a set at Bronxnet where she was interning at the time. However, we had spoken a few times prior via email. The blogger community is small, and we were connected by a mutual friend.

Since then I have stayed connected to Krissy Lewis and I have been watching her star rise. Currently she is working as an intern at Vibe magazine, and already has quite a few “by lines” to her name on the popular magazine’s website. She is currently on her last semester at Lehman College, studying multimedia journalism with a concentration in broadcast. She already has an Associates Degree in Print Journalism from Kingsborough Community College.

We spoke with Krissy Lewis and here is part of our conversation:

NYCT: Krissy, it sounds like you are headed towards a career in entertainment journalism. However, you have the credentials to take on any form of journalism. Since you are about to graduate, what’s the plan?

Krissy: Yes, you are correct. Being an entertainment journalist is my goal, but if I do get an opportunity to do hard news I’d take it. However, I only want to write about it, I don’t think that I want to go out and be a reporter in that aspect of the field.

NYCT: Vibe magazine is a pretty cool gig to have! Besides there, where else have you interned?

Krissy: Bronxnet was my first television production internship. I also interned at a hip-hop blog that no longer exist today, Hood to Hood: America’s Next Hip-Hop Superstar. I’ve done some projects at school, and The Royal Obsession Magazine with Natasha Morgan.

NYCT: I don’t want to put you on the spot, but which scene has been your favorite thus far?

Krissy: The Royal Obsession Magazine has been the best internship to date.

NYCT: Wow, you didn’t hesitate in answering that one. Please tell us more about that experience.

Krissy: Natasha is a great mentor and boss, whatever I wanted to do, she let me do. It was always inspiring and limitless, she really started my love for fashion and improved my reporting skills. She made me realized so much and pushed me to do so much, I’d go back there in a heart beat.

krissy lewis

NYCT: That sounds really awesome. Unlike you, I don’t have any formal training in journalism, but I have been blessed to connect with some amazing veterans, and mentors who have guided my journey. Though I don’t have the paper credentials, I work very hard, and it caught their attention. I can completely relate to your experiences with Natasha Morgan. Tell me about your name, “Feisty.” Why do you use that name? My first impression of you was that of a calm, timid personality. Was I wrong?

Krissy: You were wrong. Feisty describes my hustle! I’m aggressive with my hustle, closed mouths don’t get fed, and I’m starving! The name Feisty also describes my attitude, how I approach life. Perhaps when I get more money it will be more apparent in my appearance. Don’t sleep on me, Angel. I may look innocent and quiet, but I’m a silent killer.

NYCT: I stand corrected! But, you once told me that this was intentional too! Part of your allure so to speak!

Krissy: Yes, and it works, doesn’t it?

NYCT: Yes, yes it does. I’d be a willing victim that walks right into your spider web. But enough talk about my first impression of you, when did you start to notice this aspect of your personality?

Krissy: I was always tested at school, but when they saw the “Feistiness,” they didn’t test me again. Back then I even had to fight, but no more. Now I put that energy into my hustle and my work.

NYCT: I saw that you wrote an article about some personal challenges you had to overcome, want to share?

Krissy: In the past I was struggling with an eating disorder, and I was recently diagnosed as epileptic, but it’s all good. I’m alive, blessed, pretty and educated.

NYCT: Yes, you are. I know of epilepsy, but I still have to do a quick read to understand exactly how it works.

Krissy: It is genetic, my grandfather had it. I was diagnosed at 20 years old. I can’t drive, or drink, and those seizures can be very dangerous. But I’m still here.

krissy lewis

NYCT: So what is your long term goal in this game?

Krissy: I don’t believe that you’re suppose to stay at one place forever. I truly believe that you contribute what you can, get what you need, and then move on to challenge yourself. I’ve seen people work at a place for 22+ years and feel completely stuck. I don’t work this hard for that feeling.

NYCT: I understand. I worked at the same place for 18 years, and it was time to go.

Krissy: My long term goal consist of me building my own magazine, working for someone is not a long term goal for me, I’ve been doing it since I was 14. If I’m helping other people’s dreams come true, who is going to help mine and how will I ever get the chance to inspire other journalist or creatives to fulfill theirs?

NYCT: I think you will achieve this goal! Some people just have “it,” and I believe that you have it. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

Krissy: Thank you!

krissy lewis vibe

To contact Krissy Lewis, you can tag her in on Twitter at @Iamfeistyy. If you’d like to read Krissy’s article on her experience with epilepsy, here is the link. We wish her all of the success in the world!

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