The Get Down Review

I know that some of you saw my initial reaction to the Get Down, and it was rather salty. You see, they had advertised that they were giving a bunch of kids from the Bronx a shot at being in the show. So my sister, and many other kids from the hood went down to audition. I know this, because I sat in there with her, and those other kids. When they ended up choosing mostly “real” actors, instead of those “kids” that they amped up, I was highly disappointed. In fact, I decided to boycott the series altogether. I wasn’t going to watch it.

Then my little sister, who had been the one who actually tried out, told me that she watched it, and enjoyed it. Now, my boycott was still in effect at this point, although I had been hearing through the grapevine that they did give some ‘up and comers” a shot. But it wasn’t until my sister herself told me that she was watching it, that I lifted the one man boycott.

I gotta tell you guys, it was a great show. I watched the entire series in one night with my wife and son. I thought that it was going to be like a musical, and I don’t care for those. I was wrong. There is music in it, but it’s not a musical per se. In fact, the music is dope, and reminds me of growing up bronx.

It was wild to see “The Bronx Burning” again. My son was able to see how we played as kids, and how things were, to a degree when I was growing up in the Bronx. The story is quite touching, and inspiring.

Though I’ve always had a bit of an issue with Jaden Smith because of his family background, meaning, that I didn’t feel he’d get these opportunities if not for mommy and daddy, I gotta say, he impresses me more and more with every showing. He has some real talent, and I gotta admit, I was just straight up hating on him because of his family status. But a real man can own their mistakes, and give props and respect where it’s due. Jaden Smith did a really dope job in his role, and I can’t see how anyone else could have portrayed his character any better. Respect.

Mylene, which was the role my sister tried out for, was amazing. I think that anyone who watched this show could appreciate her talent, and both my sister and I acknowledge that she is on a whole different level. None of these kids stood a chance against her. I’m happy that she got the chance, and though she’s not one of the Bronx kids who tried out, she is new talent, and they gave one of us a chance. I can appreciate that, and that was my major gripe with them before.

Zeke is one of my favorite characters in the show, but Shao, and pretty much everyone else did an awesome, amazing job in their role. Jimmy Smits was a great Papa Fuerte, I considered trying out for that role, but I wasn’t given the opportunity. Even so, I couldn’t compete with Jimmy Smits. LOL. By the way, Jimmy actually reminds me a lot of my old counselor, a man I credit with helping save my life.

Okay, so my boycott is lifted, and I gotta tell you guys, the show is pretty dope. Especially for those of you who grew up in the Bronx. Check it out, it’s solid.

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