The Halal Guys

So I met up with an old friend and her awesome son yesterday, and for lunch they were having Halal Guys. I wasn’t really interested in eating this, but as it is a thing in NYC, and I didn’t want to complicate things for us, I decided to try it.

I gotta be honest with ya’ll on this, I wasn’t the slightest impressed with this meal. There was no flavor in the rice, the chicken didn’t have any flavor, and the pita was somewhat soggy. I don’t know, people love this thing, and it was evident by the long line to get food, but this wasn’t for me.

On the positive side, I will say that I did not get a headache from the food, and I did not have to run to the bathroom later in the day. I had no issues teaching my classes. So there is that, it did not harm me.

My buddy S and his mom said that my problem was that I didn’t add their sauce to it. But y’all know me and sauces, I’m very particular about that. Furthermore, I don’t think that a meal should rely on a prepackaged packet of sauce for flavoring. If that’s the case, then anyone can make a dish that tastes like crap, and then douse it in some special sauce.

My son has been getting chicken over rice from a halal cart near his school and he seems to love it, perhaps the non-commercial ones are much better? I don’t know, but this one didn’t impress me all that much and it’s not likely I’ll ever eat this again.

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