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The infamous avon lady

So I was reading some articles about pyramid schemes and multi layer marketing MLM. That got me to thinking, did you folks ever have the distinct pleasure of meeting “The Avon Lady” when you were coming up?

Avon has been running the MLM game in the hood from as far back as I can remember. Hell, I’d wager that they’ve probably been running it before my time. Avon, that’s one of the original MLMs. I also seem to recall fingerhut, though I’m not sure that they used the same business model. I don’t quite remember if a person came over for that or if it was just a brochure we received.

I tell you what though, I definitely respect our old avon lady’s hustle. Those ladies, they used to grind! They’d deadass go knocking on door to door in the hood. Taking orders, delivering orders, just putting in that work! I respect that. I don’t remember too much regarding what we’d purchase, but I do recall that we used to buy this roll on deodorant from them. I still remember that!

I used to sweat a lot as a teen, especially in the underarm area. I recall how this roll on would feel sticky and gross as my sweat overpowered it! Man those were some nasty, rough days for your boy!

In any case, huge shout out to all the Avon ladies both past and present. To all you Avon ladies of the future, may you hold it down and sell with as much gusto as your ancestors before you.

All that being said, I just realized something, I never saw an Avon guy, what’s up with that? Why weren’t the fellas representing?

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