The Interview Process

Interviewing can be a nerve shattering experience. Some individuals shake, sweat, and become nearly incapacitated while interviewing. As a person who interviewed techs, and spoke to potential candidates, I’ve seen a few individuals choke up. I took it upon myself to make the person feel more comfortable, and assuring them that there was no need to be nervous or awkward. However, I did have to note this because the trading floor was a harsh environment that requires you to stay calm and collected while under great pressure. If talking to me cripples you, then how will you handle an angry trader slamming a phone while cursing at you to fix their trading system?

I suppose that after so many years sitting on the floor, this type of thing does not happen to me. I’m not saying that I cannot get flustered, or that I am immune to stress. Heaven’s no, I am as susceptible to stress as any of you. What I am saying is that a calm conversation like the interview process doesn’t affect me that way. I become slightly anxious like most people do. I may lose the “plan” that I had sorted out in my head. However, I can talk and have a conversation.

The hardest part of the interview process for me is finding that line between professional and casual conversation. This is tricky because every recruiter or hiring manager you speak with is different. You have no idea how much time you have to talk to them, or if they have a scripted flow that they wish to follow.

I can dominate and take over a conversation quite easily. This is a skill that I have. However, when I am being interviewed, I take a more passive approach and let the interviewer control the flow while interjecting as necessary. Again, finding that balance is tricky.

I have watched youtube videos on interviewing, and read many an article. There is a science to this, and with each conversation, I feel I’m getting better and better. Yet, as with anything else, sometimes you do well, and sometimes you don’t. Here is to progress!

Happy New Year, and stay warm my friends!

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