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The Joy Luck Club

I watched this movie with my wife. I recognized the name when she mentioned it to me, but I had never seen it. Though this film is from 1993, it could have easily have been filmed and still be relevant today.

I have to say, watching this movie was extremely hard. There is so much messed up stuff that happens that it will have you rage moding and sobbing your heart out within a 5 minute span.

You have a group of Chinese women, some older and some younger who share their life stories with us. I’ve seen many movies that make me cry throughout my life, but this one, it made me cry on another level. It is so tragic and heartbreaking.

There is very little joy or luck in this club. If you haven’t seen it, I think the movie is very educational and really sheds some light on the realities that people, particularly women in China have had to deal with over the years.

Amy Tan is a popular author and she wrote the book the film is based on. I helped a friend with a paper on Amy Tan years ago and that’s how I learned of her work.

The film is sort of like a series of mini stories that all tie into whats happening in the present of the film. Check it out, it’s worth a watch. But I warn you again, the movie is tragic, so have some tissue and ice cream nearby.

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