The left and right are both extremists!

I’m so sick of the extreme left and the extreme right. Y’all are just some sick people who can’t compromise or reason on anything. All day my Facebook feed, twitter timeline, and even Instagram has someone pushing one of the two extreme agendas. They are blindly loyal to their one view and cannot see anything else. It is utterly sickening to see a person who is so biased in their ways that they simply cannot hear or see anything but their own skewed views.

I know that my posts lean left on many topics, but you will also notice that this is primarily on social issues. When it comes to matters of equality, race, immigration and women’s rights, these are just matters that we cannot ignore.

I’ll give you an example where both the left and right extremist views prevent progress. On the matter of guns, I take a more center stance. I don’t advocate for eliminating the second amendment, I myself am a gun owner. However, I do advocate for stricter controls regarding how we get and keep firearms. I advocate on who should be able to keep and own firearms, and I also advocate on the type of firearms we should be able to own. I mean, seriously, who needs a tank?

If you hear the right wingers tell it, you’d think that I’m calling for the entire destruction of the second amendment, and that is simply not true. If you hear the left wingers call it, people like me are responsible for mass shootings.

I own and support our rights to own a gun, but I don’t support the right to shoot someone dead as the result of a conflict your stupid ass started by using “stand your ground” which seems to only benefit white people. I also don’t see why anyone needs to own a weapon that can mow down a crowd in seconds. It’s called reason. Yeah, go ahead, I know the next line, “Shall not be infringed.” Give me a break, I doubt very much that these dudes meant owning a tank was cool.

On immigration, contrary to popular belief I don’t want open borders, and I strongly believe that we should secure our borders. We need to know who enters and exits the country, that’s just basic security 101. That being said, I don’t like how this administration has presented and expressed this desire. They started it in a fashion that dehumanized people, and it gave the extremists on the far right a perceived green light to act on their racist views. Thankfully, we’ve been fighting back on that one, and many of those racist fucks are paying a high price for their abuse!

This administration’s approach at expressing their views and how they have been separating families with their bullshit zero tolerance is unacceptable. They leave us reasonable, humanity loving people no choice but to resist them. Even if that resistance means that our own views will go further to an extreme.

You see how that works? I support a secure border, but because you idiots are separating toddlers from their families, we can’t do shit on the border side. You buffoons have now shifted the focus to the more urgent matter of not traumatizing children, and getting them back with their families. You force a guy who actually believes in a secure border to abandon that and focus on the people you fools are hurting. This is why we don’t get shit done, both sides force us into extremes with their inability to reason.

If they try to ban guns outright, then I’ll have to once again resist, and I’ll support those who support my rights to gun ownership. But if they were reasonable, then maybe we could make progress.

Extremes help no one, and I’d argue that’s how we ended up with this idiot for a president. Extreme views that forced otherwise reasonable people to do what they thought was in their best interest. Even people who initially opposed Trump have sided with him because they have no choice due to extremes.

My views are the views of reason. But of course the damn extremists on both sides will argue against my views. Some of you will call me a Trump supporter, and others will call me a brain dead liberal. All because I have the ability and reason to see things from more than just one point of view.

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