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Fur Babies

The loss of a furry four legged friend.



I will never forget this little bunster.


In a not so distant past life, I had a furry four legged friend. She was the sweetest little doggy ever.  When I first laid eyes on her and I saw her running around and barking incessantly, I remember thinking how annoying she was and how much I hated that about these little dogs.  So annoying these damn barker mutts, right? Little did I know that THIS little barker mutt would win my heart over and create a new lover of the little breeds.

Her fur was snow white, soft and silky, she had these black little marble for eyes and she loved to give many many kisses. She was always willing to play and run around with you, and boy did she love taking those walks. I was so close to her and it broke my heart to have to say goodbye one day.


Years have passed and for a long time I’ve been meaning to visit her and take her for one of those walks. I dreamed about her on occasion and I never stopped loving this dog. Now I sit here, still at the office, trying to see my work through the flood of tears, becoming aware today that she recently left this world.  I’ll never be able to walk her again. Being so busy with life, navigating human politics, I just assumed that there would always be tomorrow. But I was wrong.


I’ll tell you, I used to love watching her prance along like the princess she was, on top of the world as she took that walk. Her beautiful fur flowing in the wind, tail wagging, ready to give those kisses at any moment. When she was ready to poop she would spin round and round and round in circles until she found her perfect spot, and then, well, she would poop. It is a heartbreaking realization to know that she is gone.


As I sob at this cold, lonesome desk, I’ll say this to you. My friends, don’t make the same mistake I did and assume that you have all the time in the world, you don’t. I was just reminded of that cold true fact the hard way.  She’s gone forever, and no crying, no regret, no praying, no begging, nothing will ever bring her back. Walk that dog, say that I love you, whatever it is that you have been waiting to do, just do it, don’t wait any longer.


I’ll always love this doggy, she was my first true love among the small breeds, and will live on in my heart as the sweetest dog ever. Though I had a dog as a kid for a brief period, this doggy will always be my first and truest love in doggy land. I’ll never forget you Bunster.


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Thuy Yau
7 years ago

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Angel. It’s not easy losing someone that was a part of our lives.

But thank you sharing such a beautiful message in something so sad. You will always have the beautiful memories <3

Thuy Yau
7 years ago

You may not have seen her the times that you wanted to, but you are honoring her by realising how short life is. You don’t need to carry this alone, everyone is here for you xox

Victoria La Traviesa
7 years ago

🙁 when i lost my cat to cancer that i had for 16yrs, i didn’t work for 3 days…..

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Victoria, she wasn’t my dog, but I will always love her.

Lesley Dupont
7 years ago

wow, nice one Angel… what a great write up…. pets of all kinds steal your heart and they leave a big space when they are gone…<3

Lesley Dupont
7 years ago

I lost my Standard Poodle, Clouseau and my Malamute , Shirkon…. I cried for days after each one, the house was so empty…

Thuy Yau
7 years ago

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Mary Jo Ognibene
7 years ago

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Susanne Pinedo
7 years ago

I’m so sorry, Angel. May she be in peace and with God. Blessings to you and a huge abrazo,


Pinedo Public Relations

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Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

I just watched this video on youtube about a Maltese being rescued. Someone said with death there is life, perhaps this is the life part as this doggy was meant to be euthanized.

Victoria Tsang
7 years ago

Thanks angel. I miss her every day and night.

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Victoria, I’m in disbelief. I did the math and realized that many years have passed. You know I’ll always love that dog, I always missed her, and I always will. No lie, whenever I meet a new dog, and it has been this way since I met the bunster, she is and always will be the high standard I compare them too. “Baby was so much softer.” “Baby used to lick me and show me love”. “Baby used to play with me and love interacting”. “Bunster has a cuter nose”. I know it’s unfair to the dog community, but they… Read more »


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