The magic of eggs!

Did you know that eggs are loaded with protein, and depending on how you prepare them, virtually fat free? Loaded with nutrients, they are probably one of the easiest items to prepare. How simple is it to heat up a pan, spray some Pam, crack open an egg and throw it in? That’s how simple it is to have a healthy, breakfast, lunch or dinner when in a crunch. Oh and let’s not forget, eggs are very affordable.

A staple for body builders, boxers, and many health enthusiasts alike. All those folks can’t be wrong. Eggs are also used in many different recipes and other food preparations.

Whether you are a hardcore athlete, or just the average Joe trying to lead a healthy life, eggs should definitely be in your feeding plan!


  1. Hi Angel,

    Thank you for your article, The magic of egg!. You mention depending on how you prepare eggs, they are virtually fat free depending on how you prepare them. But if you just throw them in, they are not fat free. Can you please specify the preparation that would make them virtually fat free? Thank you.


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