The Magnificent Seven

We came across this movie on Amazon Prime, but for some reason, it kept buffering and freezing up every 5 minutes or so. We got annoyed with that and found somewhere else to watch it. Amazons Prime needs to get their crap together.

In any case, this is a film with a familiar theme. You have a town, back in the olden western days, which is being pillaged by some greedy rich guy. This man forces them out of their homes and through the use of hired criminal thugs, he punishes and kills anyone who objects. He even controls the Sheriff and burns down a church. The dude is a real piece of work.

That’s when Denzel comes along, his character, Chisholm is a lawman serving some warrants. He is approached by a young woman who’s husband was murdered in cold blood, she asks him to help save the town. Initially, he is reluctant, but does eventually agree to help. For him it is personal. He goes around and gathers a rag tag crew of warriors to help him on this mission. These folks make the most unlikely allies, but it does work.

They set forth to try and train these towns folk who have never fought a day in their life. It seems an unlikely task, but these men and women are willing to fight and lay their lives on the line. What more can a leader ask for in a soldier?

This movie is from 2016, but I think there are a few more movies with the same name back from the 60s. I might have to check them out someday. This movie was really great and you’ll see some cool familiar faces in it. It’s a little “old” relatively speaking, but totally worth a watch!

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