The Maluma Hawai Video is messed up

Have you seen Maluma’s video for Hawai? I recently watched it and I thought that it was pretty messed up what he did there! Basically, I concluded that the main character he plays is a jerk.


Why I think Maluma is a jerk. Hear me out. #hawai #Maluma #nyctalking #podcast #blog

♬ Hawái – Maluma

Check this out, my man goes through the trouble of ruining and crashing her wedding, right? He gets the crap beat out of him and thrown out. All the while saying that “she doesn’t love her new guy as much as she loved him and that she belongs with him, right?

So the girl seemingly leaves the new guy at the altar and drives off chasing Maluma after he speeds away. She catches up to him and goes to hug him or whatever. Then Maluma apparently has some flashbacks and then says “I can’t do this and he leaves.”

Bro, you just ruined this woman’s wedding and possibly her life. You showed up and did all the crap you did because you allegedly love her so much. Apparently, she loves you too so she decides to dip on this new guy and come after you. Then after all that, you have some flashbacks and say “I can’t do this?”

Why the hell didn’t you leave her alone to make a life with this new guy? What kind of twisted, demented, toxic game are you playing here? If “you can’t do this” then you should just have shut your damn mouth, not wrote the song and stayed your ass home and let her move on with her life.

I understand that maybe the flashbacks gave you second thoughts, but you should have considered that prior to showing up at her wedding. You sir, are an asshole.

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