The Punisher: The Cell

This comic gives us another origin story of sorts revolving around The Punisher and his family. If you watched the show, you are led to believe that the Punisher’s family was killed by his friend Russo over some military conspiracy.

If you read this comic, the story is slightly different. The Punisher’s family is killed by some random shooting by some mobster types. They all happen to be in Riker’s Island together so the Punisher gets himself locked up so he can go handle them.

You see, he thought it would be too easy to kill them separately. He had his reasons for planning it this way, and after you’ve read the story, it will all make sense.

I think this story was pretty good and gives you the typical Punisher style blood and gore you’d expect and are used to. It’s short enough for a quick read, but also long enough to keep you entertained for a while.

I enjoy reading, but I don’t fancy these comics or manga that go on forever and ever with no damn finality to them. I know that they want to make money and keep us reading, but bruh these things have to end at some point!

I definitely recommend this read if you are a fan of The Punisher and would like an alternate view to his origin story. So far I’ve found that you can’t go wrong with that MAX comics, it’s really dope!

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