Accept The Journey

We are at the halfway point to my set target of 180 pounds. I began this journey weighing nearly 275 pounds, and I am now at 225 pounds! The road hasn’t been easy, but it is being traveled!

I had a few wakeup calls, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, winded from walking, difficulties tying my shoes, headaches, etc. I realized that I was closer to 300 pounds, than I was to 200 pounds. This was a scary thought, especially since I had already started to experience difficulties in performing day to day activities. However, those things are never enough to get you moving, are they? Hmm, I could die, oh well, you know, that kind of sucks.

Yeah, it wasn’t until I experienced some “conditioning” issues, and started to gas out performing my man duties when I realized that it was getting real up in here! Death? Meh, whatever, we all gotta go sometime! Running out of steam and slowing down when it’s husband duty time? No way, that we cannot have! No sir! It’s not like I get to partake in said activities all that often, and when I am finally thrown a bone, I’m going to have a sub par experience? Oh hell to the no!

That’s the kick in the butt that got me moving! Now, this hasn’t helped me with the frequency of man duties I get to perform, but it has assisted with the quality. Meh, better than nothing right?

That experience, and the fact that I had momentarily considered sonobello lipo suction were the catalysts to get me moving. I was disgusted with myself for even considering this when I had all the time in the world, good health, and no excuse!

So here we are, on the way. It will never happen if you don’t start, so at least get started!


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