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The Scarlet Event Recap

My sister invited me to attend a Latino heritage event where she would be giving a salsa tutorial. I asked who was running it, and she told me that it was being curated by my cousin’s best friend. Really? Y’all working within the community like that? Okay. Okay. I looked up the event details and it caught my interest. I would have went either way to support my little sister, but it’s nice if the event actually interests me on a personal level.


The Scarlet Event was held in my hometown of the Bronx. The venue is called “Grand Slam Banquet Hall.” I’m glad that I wore a button down shirt for this one, the place felt quite fancy. There were tables arranged quite nicely, it felt sort of like a wedding event. We all sat at a table, made the introductions, and waited for the event to begin.

At one point I said “I’m going to try and not embarrass my sister around her peers.” Shortly thereafter she began to pour water for herself, and all of the water and ice spilled on the table. One of her friends then said, “It looks like she’s doing a mighty fine job of embarrassing herself!” The timing for this snafu was perfect, you can’t plan such awesomeness!

After sometime we were all directed to stand, and told that this was a networking event. As such they forced us all to switch seats and get to meet other people. That worked out, I actually met some really cool people at my table. 3 people from my table were part of the show, I had no idea, but that was cool. In addition to that, I opted to go up and announce what I thought was awesome about being latino, diversity, so 4 of us were involved in the show! Anyone who knows me knows that I am not just a spectator, I have to get involved!

They had some homemade spanish food, and I gotta tell you, I was loving that. I love me some morro and pernil on any day of the week! As I mentioned earlier, there was a salsa tutorial, some standup comedy, spoken word, and some social discussion. They covered some topics that I am very passionate about, and it drove me crazy to be in the audience, and not on the panel! The panelists made points quite similar to the points I made, so at least the various viewpoints were covered.

All in all the event was cool. The part I enjoyed most was meeting the new folks at the table. As I understand it, over $1,000 were raised for charity, and that’s always a good thing. Props to MP.Frias for putting together this event.

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