The School for Good and Evil

This film gave me some Harry Potter vibes. From the color, to the magic and just the overall feel of it. Now, I will say that I did enjoy the film, it was pretty good, but it is definitely not on the same league as the Harry Potter series.

The story revolves around magic and a school that was created for the evil villains and the good princes and princesses. I have to tell you, that concept, particularly the Princes portion was pretty annoying to me. “Let’s work on smiling class today.” WTF?

Anyway, there are these two girls who are best friends, one of who wants to find adventure and go to this school. Somehow, they do get selected for it and that’s where things go kind of wonky. Their friendship and character is truly tested at that point.

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed this film. It was pretty good and the story was interesting. Some parts were a bit over the top for me, but I think this is geared towards a younger audience who might appreciate those antics more than I could. All that being said, I enjoyed and recommend the film.

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