The stolen pitbull

When we were younger, I lived on 163rd street for sometime. The super had a few dogs, Tyson a rottie, Remy a grey pitbull, and Munchie another pit. Tyson was crazy, just a big dog who had to be locked away when anyone came over or he would eat them. Remy was a thin, taller, very friendly dog. Finally Munchie, she was a beautiful, short, stocky pitbull. Of the 3, she was our favorite, we all seemed to like her the most.

One day, I came down to hang out with the super’s son, Little, and everyone looked upset. I saw Tyson behind the gate, Remy, but no Munchie. When I asked, hey guys, where’s Munchie, I want to play with that little monster. They told me that she got stolen from the yard. I was shocked and so upset when I heard that. What? Who the fuck steals a living thing like a dog? He told me that her “look” was great for breeding puppies, so they probably stole her to breed and sell the puppies.

That really sucked. People are scumbags. It’s been over two decades since Munch Munch was stolen, but I never forgot about her. I only hope that whoever stole her at least gave her a good life. Man, I tell you, people are on some shit! Who the fuck steals a dog?

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