The teddy bear's nose

Growing up, my little sister and I often fought. It was usually about dumb stuff, and not particularly violent. Just your typical annoying kids fighting over nonsense.

One day I came upon a discovery, my little sister loved this teddy bear. The teddy bear would go on to become my hostage during many a negotiation. Considering that my sister did not want her precious teddy bear ripped apart, those negotiations usually went the way I wanted them to go.

One day, I suppose she was feeling particularly rebellious, and probably questioned my resolve to do real damage to the teddy bear, and she challenged me. On this day the teddy bear lost his nose. I ripped it off of his face. My sister cried, she was freaking out thinking that the teddy bear could not breath.

My mom was angry at me for torturing my sister, and I felt kind of bad. I tried to explain to her that he still had a piece of his nose in tact and that he could breathe just fine. Although perhaps next time she dared to challenge me, he might not be so lucky. I’d take it all off if she didn’t respect my authority!


Kids are mean, I wish we still had that bear, but he is long gone.

So? Did you torment your siblings by dismembering any of their favorite plush animals?

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