The Tomorrow War

This is an Amazon prime original film with our boy Chris Pratt. The film is about a war against aliens that happens about 30 years in the future. Basically, humanity is getting its butt whooped by people eating aliens and they come back in time to recruit the help of past humans. You read that right, the future humans travel back in time to recruit their ancestors, us, present day humans, to travel to the future and join in the fight. Eventually, they institute a one week draft. You know things are really bad cause the deployment is only one week long, you have to figure that most people don’t make it.

Forester, (Pratt) is an Iraq war veteran who is recruited for the effort. Together with a bunch of civilians, he is sent to the future to fight the aliens. As expected, things get a bit complicated right from the start and do not go according to plan. The whole bunch of them are dropped into a war zone missing their basic training and landing in the middle of a metropolis, many of them die within seconds. Things just continue to devolve from there. 

The movie is broken down into what I perceived as 3 arcs so to speak. First is when things are normal, then they go to the war, then they come back. It’s all kind of summarized in that. However, within the story there are many surprises. Believe me, you are going to be all like, “oh snap” when you see what happens.

I’ve heard that the movie has received bad reviews, but we enjoyed the film. It was pretty entertaining and well done. As a rule, I generally don’t give a damn what critics or even the general public has to say. Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind. I thought it was dope.

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