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The Zombie Simon Garth

You know that I’ve started reading comics and you know that I love zombies. So it should come as no surprise that I am currently reading “The Zombie” series from Max Comics featuring Simon Garth.

The first volume of this comic series was pretty dope and I’ve started the second one. I will not be revealing any spoilers in this review, although I’m not even sure if I should call this a review, it’s more of a recap or rather a recommendation.

We currently find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands and Netflix isn’t the only thing that is available to you. Of course not! You have Hulu, Disney plus, Amazon prime, HBO now and a whole other host of things you can watch on TV. Hah, I am sort of just kidding though I’m not entirely kidding. What I do mean is that you can actually pick up a book or a comic and do some reading as well. It is an option!

To that end, if you happen to be a zombie fan and you enjoy action, you might want to pick up “The Zombie.”

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