Thoughts On The Bathroom Debate

Let’s break down this bathroom situation real quick like!

Here is the thing, unless you are walking around disclosing what your genitals are, in a case like these below, no one would ever know, or should even care what you packing underneath.

buck sarina

If I saw either of these two individuals in the bathroom where they “appear” to belong to, I’d never give it a second thought. Meaning, if I saw Buck walk into a men’s room, or Sarina walk into a woman’s room, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Buck looks like a dude, and Sarina looks like a woman. They appear to be male or female, regardless of what’s underneath. I’d say that they put in an awful amount of work into this “goof” if there only objective was to go into the opposite sex’s bathroom. Wouldn’t you agree? Point being, for you dumb freaks who cannot understand sarcasm, maybe they didn’t do this solely to enter the opposite sex’s bathroom! Man, I hate that I have to spell crap out, but there are some people who will totally miss the sarcasm! Ugh!

If I saw a natural born “woman” walking into a woman’s restroom, who looks like Buck, looking more buffed than even I look, that would raise an eyebrow. I’d take notice of that, because as far as I’m concerned, that’s a man going into the woman’s restroom. On that same note, if I saw Sarina walking into a men’s room, I’d respond the same way, because as far as what I’m being shown, she looks like a woman.

Individuals who are trying to force people who look this way, to use their “natural” bathrooms are stupid. We all know that pervs exist, and I understand the concern to a degree. But if you are doing parenting right, ain’t nothing gonna happen to your kids. A molester can get them in the boy’s room, as easily as they can get them in the girl’s room. Young children should be escorted to the bathroom anyway.


Furthermore, if someone has gone as far as these folks have in their sexual transitions, I don’t think you have much to worry about.. Chillll!!! How could you want either of these individuals to use their “natural” sex bathroom? That’s pretty messed up man. You realize how much danger you’d expose Sarina to in a men’s room? Looking like that? You wanna talk about pervs? Animals? Go into a men’s room.

How about everyone just start to mind their own business? If you see someone who looks like me, and they say “I’m a girl, so I’m going into the girl’s bathroom” then there is cause for concern. I’m sensitive and understanding to our friends in the LGBTQ community, and I support your rights. But we all have to be reasonable and compromise. 

Buck should use the men’s room. Sarina should use the ladies room. Someone who looks like I do, regardless of sexual orientation, or gender, should use the men’s room. I don’t agree that a person who looks like me should be able to say “I’m a woman inside so I’m going in to shower with the girls.” That’s where I draw the line.

What are your thoughts on this either way? Share your points with me, supporting or against! I appreciate all points of view.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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