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Thoughts on motivating employees

Some thoughts on motivating employees and being taken for granted. Should one come to expect this, especially from people who have no boots on the ground?

You see it in the military, when that new 2nd Lieutenant comes aboard. They have no idea what the unit structure is or the dynamics of how they operate. However, they don’t care to learn about it from their Senior NCOs. They think they know what’s best and end up alienating and screwing the most loyal, seasoned and dedicated troops.

The civilian work force is no different. I see it and experience it all the time. It’s not until that Lieutenant is trapped in a world of hurt that they realize how valuable that Staff Sergeant’s contribution was and that maybe they should have paid more attention.

We are all replaceable, but as leaders, it is our job to take note of those who go above and beyond in their contributions. It is our job to take care of them, praise them, inspire them and utilize their skills and contributions to their highest potential.

I believe that even more than money, recognition and appreciation is a huge motivator. Conversely, a lack of appreciation is possibly the quickest way to zap morale and an employee’s dedication. Mind you, you might be screwing one person, but all of the employees see it, and they know that the next day it could be them. Step up your game people!

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