That time I was on a tv weight loss show

About 3 or so years ago I was on a rampage. I was getting cast on as many tv shows as I could. One of the ones I got picked for was a weight loss show. The show was called, “Cook your ass off” and it would be on HLN, and syndicated elsewhere.

The show was built around the premise that three chefs would take our (the fat unhealthy judge’s) favorite foods, and then recreate healthy versions of them. I was a guest judge with Host Celebrity Chef Richard Blaise, Chef Claudia Flemming, and Nutritionist Keri Glassman.

The chefs were provided with challenges, and then they had to deliver. Myself, along with the other judges would try the food, and then hand down our verdicts. There was one dude who was very much like me, and to the audience, as well as me, he was the logical choice. However, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and ended up choosing a man who was a bit more zen and spiritual like in nature. I’m fire, he was water. Seemed like he may be able to help balance me out.

If you watched the tv show, at the ending of my episode you would think that my life was going to forever change. The way we embraced, the words that were said, “Unbeatable team, man.”

Reality though, now that’s much different.

See, once my episode was done, there was no follow up, no real reason for the Chef, or the show to care. The show was built on the chefs, which of them would go on to win the big prize. The judges, we were there merely as a distraction of sorts, entertainment, and sad fat people stories to fill in the time. Really, you could have done this entire show without us, and the way it was set up, they might as well have.

In any case, I met with the chef exactly one time, for about half an hour after our episode. After that, we never really spoke, and no help was provided by him, or the show on my journey back to health. After the show, I continued living my unhealthy ways, and it took me a year or two more to finally reach the point where I knew I had to do something about my health. And this had absolutely nothing to do with the tv show! It was all me, so there’s that!

The show has since then been picked up by a few channels in syndication, but Upwave HLN is no more. The Youtube channel has been abandoned, and finding this show online is impossible. I tried to reach out to the production company for any updates, etc, nothing. Richard Blais ended up blocking me on twitter because I asked him if he had a copy of the episode. I think he unblocked me after I called him (or his people) out on it, but I don’t really care, what difference does it make?

Now on to some more reality.

Since then, I have dropped nearly 60 pounds. But it wasn’t due to any help from celebrity chefs, it wasn’t due to any help from the tv show, it wasn’t due to help from a nutritionist, it was all due to my own realization of what I needed to do, and it was all done by me.

If I sound bitter, I’m not. I was just extremely disappointed in these people. I know tv is tv, but I actually thought that these folks were gonna help a brother out. Little did I know how full of sh*t they all were.

If you watch biggest loser, and any of those other shows, you’ll find that most people gain the weight back after sometime. This is because the crash diet and training methods they implement on tv cannot be sustained long term. These people performed like monkeys (just as we did) for the show and the money, (we got no money) but once it’s over, it’s business as usual. Everything that was, still is, and without making those core, fundamental, deep rooted changes that are necessary for this kind of LIFE altering transformation, you’ll go right back to your old ways. That’s exactly what happened to me.

The bottom line here is, until you are ready, not a tv show, not a celebrity trainer, not a celebrity chef, not liposuction, nothing or no one will be able to help you. Only you can help you, and only when you are ready. Best of luck on your journey.

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