Tonchin Review

This was the first time I went to this restaurant. The lady was in the city for a self defense seminar and I went to pick her up and she told me she wanted some Ramen.

She’s been here before and was ranting and raving about it, so we went to get some ramen. So let’s talk about the experience.

The restaurant ambience was dark and somewhat quiet. I actually favor this, I’m not a fan of eating and speaking over very noisy music or people. The staff was very friendly and attentive. They provided recommendations on what I should try. And for the record, they were all great recommendations.

We started out our meal with the curry cheese chicken wings. I will admit that though my wife wanted these, I was a little anxious about the cheese curry. But my worries were unfounded, as you can see from the picture below, it’s just dry cheese sprinkled on the wings. They were really delicious and I enjoyed them a lot. Please note, they do have a bit of heat to them, keep that in mind if you have any aversion to spicy food.

Next we tried the fried fish buns. Those were a bit messy to eat, but wow, they were really, really good and I liked them a lot.

After this, our main ramen dishes came. I had the Tokyo Ramen and the Mrs had the smoked dashi ramen. Both dishes were really, really good. Mine came with pork and hers had some clams. We added a side of pork for hers since it didn’t have any. Look at how delicious this ramen appears. It was really good and thinking about it, I kind of want some more right now!

This one here is my wife’s dish. It was similar to mine, except for the clam and the fact that it had a smokey seafood flavor to it. You’ll also see the side of pork here. It was really good.

Finally, we moved on to dessert. For this we tried this shaved ice mango dish. It comes with mango flavoring and a tonchin honey cream. Most of you would know that I tend to avoid the creams, but this was off the hook! I ate it all including the cream!

Overall, I really enjoyed this restaurant and I look forward to having another meal there. If you are in the midtown area, check out Tonchin, you will not be disappointed!

In terms of cost, its not a cheap meal, but for the area, quality of food and service, I think its about the going rate and fair. Remember, restaurants are still struggling now. Supply chains are limited, costs are up, staff levels are lowered and many were very limited for nearly a year. We spent a little over $100 for 2 dishes, 1 side, 2 apps and the dessert. I think it was totally worth it and would pay it again.