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The Top 5 TV Shows Of All Time

This is obviously very subjective, and the top 5 will vary from website to website. However, we at NYCTalking are sure that you will agree with at least 3 of the following shows being a top-notch pick! That being said, let’s get right into it. By the way, I’m a terrible numbers guy, so my top 5 may include more than 5, maybe. Along with a few notable honorary mentions.



This is an amazing fantasy show. The sets, characters, graphics, and story line are outstanding. I started reading the books a long time ago. It was not boring or difficult to read, but I was so far ahead from watching the TV show that the book simply did not grab my interest. At this point, I’m pretty much married to the TV show and don’t particularly care for the books. That is why I prefer to read the book BEFORE watching the TV shows. Once you start watching the TV shows going to a book is difficult. The only time I could do that was with the Harry Potter series. I watched the first two movies, and then I could not wait, and I read the following books in the series. The films were pretty accurate, and the books were in sequence, so I could do it that time. Generally, I cannot; I would rather read the book first, then watch the visual adaption.

Game of thrones is not that simple. I just haven’t been able to do that, but I really do want to know the rest of the story. This show is without a doubt one of the biggest productions that has ever been made. HBO does entire specials on the making of the show, the concepts, the clothing, the sets, the locations! There is so much happening on this show. It is without a doubt one of the best that I have ever watched and completely enjoyed.

One thing I will say is that this show will throw you for a loop. If you’ve never read the books, and you’re watching it for the first time; they are merciless. The one piece of information that I will give you without any spoilers, do not get attached to any character. EVER.

The Game of thrones revolves around what the title says. A Game of thrones. A number of people believe that they are the true kings or queens of the five kingdoms, it is contested among several different aristocrat families, and they are fighting wars for the position. It’s clearly more complicated than that, but that’s basically the story in a nutshell. Several individuals want to be king and there is a whole mess of politics, war and insanity revolving around it. Not to mention that there are also some creepy, non human creatures to contend with.



Spartacus is another show that was amazing. This one takes place during the Roman era. The graphics, the story line, the plot and twists, everything is nuts! It focuses on the gladiator Spartacus and the uprising of the slaves known as to Spartacus rebellion. There are several seasons released, and so much is happening in this show! It is another great show, and once again I would advise, without providing any spoilers, do not get too attached to any one character. EVER!

We have to note that the original actor who played Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, passed away due to cancer. I hate cancer, always have, and always will. NYCTalking sends our condolences to his family and friends. As they say in show business, the show must go on, and so it did, but we always appreciate Andy for his contributions to the show.

Let me give you some perspective in to how good this show is. My wife is not as huge a fan of the Roman era as I am, and she doesn’t much care for the history and things like that the way I do. I’m really a massive fan of that era. I enjoy studying and learning from it. I feel that it can help us to learn from the mistakes of the past great empires. My point in saying all that is that my wife watched this entire series with me. For a person who is not a fan of the Roman era, to sit and watch this show, you know that it has to be great. Someone like me watching it doesn’t say much, because I love the history, and I would always watch something like this. However, my wife sitting down and watching the entire series as well, now that says something as to the quality and content of the show. I highly recommend this intense, bloody, starz series!


the walking dead

The walking dead is a must-see for everyone. This is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name, the walking dead. Though the show takes some liberties with content, and characters, it is still relatively close to the comic and absolutely very very entertaining. Historically, HBO was the king of these independent network TV shows. However, today we are seeing AMC and several other networks, including online services like Netflix, producing their own original shows. High-quality shows that cover a wide array of topics. Several of those shows have made this impromptu top 5! In the case of the walking dead, this is probably one of the best shows of all time. It certainly is good enough to make the NYCTalking top five.

This show essentially deals with the zombie apocalypse. It is the end of the world, there is some virus that converts humans into zombies. They are animated corpses that cannot be killed except by destroying the brain, if they catch you and bite or kill you, you’ll most likely become one of them.

I recently watched world war Z again, and that film was insane. Those zombies were super fast, aggressive, absolutely terrifying zombies. The walking dead zombies are slow, their goofy. They’re stupid, and they could easily be stopped. Only problem is that there are so many of them that if they catch you are done. If they get the jump on you and catch you off guard and bite, you’re pretty much done. However, the zombies are not as scary as the world war Z zombies. I would much rather fight the slow walkers as they’re called on the walking dead, than have those zombies from world war Z. The chances of surviving with those guys are pretty much zero.

The walking dead is still ongoing and there is plenty happening on this series. There have been so many plot twists in this show, and the season finale threw everyone for a loop a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend this show, and if you do watch it, and you use twitter you can join me live tweeting when the show is on, I always participated. We use the #thewalkingdead and the #thetalkingdead as our hashtags. Absolutely recommend this show.



True blood brings us back to HBO. They took the popular book series and made them into a hit TV show. I have not read all the books, but I read some of them, and for the most part, they stayed true to the story. This show has to do with vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, spirits, and basically any other form of fantasy creature that you can think of.

The whole concept of immortality has always fascinated me, the fact that we could live thousands of years as vampires had always appealed to me. One question I always ask my friends is if they could have the gift of eternity would they take it? I ask you the same question now, would you take eternity if you could? The answer for me would obviously be yes. I would absolutely take the gift of eternity without hesitation.

My favorite vampires are Anne Rice vampires. I love her books, and in fact, I am reading the newly released Prince Lestat at the moment. Though she’s given a very weird twist to the story, I am still enjoying it very much.

Interestingly enough I forgot to mention fairies earlier, the main character of the show true blood was a fairy. In this show, fairies are creatures whose blood is very, very appealing to the vampires. There is so much drama, and grief in this show because Sookie, the fairy, gets involved with vampires. Somehow everything that could possibly go wrong for a person, happens to this woman. It is simply mind-boggling the kind of stupidity, and trouble that Sookie always gets into. It really doesn’t make any sense, and I find her character intolerable. She is such a goodie-goodie, holier than thou, whiny person. Ugh! However, Sookie’s annoying tendencies to attract trouble aside, this show ranks in my top five favorite shows. The series is over and you can probably get the entire box set, I’d say definitely to check it out. Non-spoiler, the ending here infuriated anyone that watched it. A total WTH kind of ending. So, are you watching yet?



Orange is the new black. This one brings us to Netflix original series. Don’t be shocked to find out that you can run into some of the actors from this show in the subway right here in New York City. I really would love to get a part on this show. It is extremely enjoyable and entertaining. I really love some of the characters, and I’ll have to say that Boo, is probably my favorite person in the whole world. LOL.

The show has to do with a woman who got herself in trouble because of “love.” Some love relationship that is by the way! She is involved with a drug trafficker who gets caught, and the she gets dragged in as one of her accomplices. The show follows Piper, the main character’s journey through a minimum security woman’s prison, while she serves out her sentence.

Of course once she hits the prison, drama ensues. There are different groups of women, different problems, mean CO’s, and the typical type of nonsense that you would expect to see from a prison show. Somehow, Piper seems to attract all sorts of trouble, all the time. She is just as bad, or worse than Sookie when it comes to doing stupid things.

The show is more realistic than the others as it is not fantasy oriented. There’s a novel about this show, it is actually based on a true story. I enjoy the show, and my wife also enjoys it. I don’t know if most men would be able to sit and watch this show? In fact, during the first episode I almost gave up as it started very slowly. As I had already seen about 10 minutes of the later episodes when my wife was watching it, I knew that the show would get better, and that it had potential. Because of this, I suffered through that first episode, and then it got better. I highly recommend this Netflix original series. Perhaps you should read the book first? The season 2 finale was awesome! Check it out!



This show is pretty damn amazing. It revolves around a criminal mastermind who is working with the FBI. Raymond Reddington is helping them catch what he calls his black list criminals. Even criminals have a code of ethics, and Red doesn’t particularly like certain types of criminals. As such he is helping the FBI catch some very bad people who, for some reason, or another he wants dead or off the streets. It is an intricate dance of law and crime working together to achieve the greater good.

Red’s character is quite entertaining, charming, and always seems to know what is happening, where to be, and where to go. His information network combined with his charm makes him an extremely lovable character, a true “anti-hero.” I am still on the first season of this show because I have been watching it with my wife, and she doesn’t have as much time to sit and watch the shows as I do. Having recently become unemployed, leaves me a lot more time for leisure activities. However, season two has already come out, and I can’t wait to catch up and find out what’s going on. Definitely recommend this as a top five show.

By the way, I know that I have already gone over Top 5, and I’m actually at the number 6. However, since this is my website, and I control the content, I’m still calling this a top five list! EAT THAT, Internet rules! There are other characters in this show, Liz, and some other people, but really, who cares about any of them? It’s all about Raymond Reddington on this one!

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you have enjoyed the top five television shows according to If there is a show that you would like to see covered, or a show that you expected to see listed, please let us know in the in the comments. We are not perfect; I am not perfect, and I am definitely open to criticism and feedback. So please share away. We love feedback.

Okay, this concludes the top 5 that is more like a top 6.

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