Can I touch your body

I had just finished another grueling workout. I was a beast in the gym. My bench presses maxed out at 410 pounds, for six reps! I trained hard. I ate right, and you better believe that it showed. That’s when the stunningly beautiful Asian woman asked me, Can I touch your body?

So there I was, standing in the jacuzzi and admiring the sights as they passed by the leisure area. Little did I know that I was myself being admired. Before I realized it, this lovely Hawaiian, Japanese woman was standing next to me. She looked at me up and down. There was lusting desire in her eyes, and as I saw this. I observed her back, then the lust overtook me as well. She was an extremely beautiful woman.

She made her way even closer to me, what came next surprised me. She simply said, “You are so beautiful. Can I touch your body?” I was extremely surprised, but well, I’ve always been a generous, kind man, who am I to deny her the simple pleasures of life? Eh? Am I right? I granted her that which she desired. I allowed her to touch my body.

She started from my cheek, and made her way down my neck. She proceeded down and traced the outline of my chest with her fingertips. She smiled; she knew I liked this. As the hair on my body stood on end, as my lower man part began to throb, my body’s reaction was telling her I liked it. She continued her journey down, and began to trace the outline of my abs. Once again she said, “You are just so beautiful. I hope you don’t mind me touching your body like this. I just couldn’t help myself.” Uhm, no, I think I rather enjoy being touched by such a lovely woman, thank you very much! It feels really good.

I can’t imagine what was going through the minds of those that were watching this unfold. Some smiled; some were trying not to look at us. She was getting ready to leave, but you know that we had to exchange numbers. It was in my not too distant plans to give this woman all that her heart desired and then some! If you know what I’m saying. However, that never came to pass.

Every time I called her, it was like she was hiding something. Other times she was traveling to Hawaii, or something. Whenever she called me, it was brief, and she’d never agree to meet up. I don’t recall exactly how, or what happened, but we lost touch. I stopped calling her, and soon thereafter she stopped calling me. I felt that she was wasting my time, and I left it on her if we were going to get down. I don’t like to chase or waste my time. In addition, I was really getting suspicious of her circumstances. I backed off.

Though I didn’t get to seal the deal here, I’ll never forget how amazing it felt to be admired that way. How great it felt to have a perfect, beautiful stranger come up to me, and want to touch my body like she did that night at Ballys in 42nd street. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, though I’m in a different place, I do miss that. It was quite a nice experience.

Can I touch your body?

If that doesn’t motivate you to get fit, I don’t know what ever will.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Dating NYC: Can I touch your body


Real stories from #NYC Can I touch your body? #story #stories #memoir #memory #realtalk #nyctalking #love #sex #lust


Real stories from #NYC Can I touch your body? #story #stories #memoir #memory #realtalk #nyctalking #love #sex #lust


RT @arodomus: Real stories from #NYC Can I touch your body? #story #stories #memoir #memory #realtalk #nyctalking #l…


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