Training intensity is key!

Last night I almost cried in a hiit class. I don’t think people understand how hard I push my body. I push so hard when I train that it becomes an emotional experience. Unfortunately, not every workout hits this level of high for me, but I sure am glad when I can achieve it.

First things first. For those of you who have never attended it, my strength class is a very fast paced, non stop total body conditioning format. This fast paced class creates an endurance building workout that burns out all of your muscles!

So I did this class on my own yesterday to create state of exhaustion before I even started the hiit class! I was already pretty smoked from the day before workouts, but I still pushed my legs to the point that they wanted to quit. I taxed my lungs until they gasped for air! I continued to the point that my lunch wanted to come back up, my back wanted to fold, and my mind wanted to quit. And that was before I even started the one hour hiit class.

During the class, I’m already exhausted. My sugar stores are depleted, but I push as hard as possible! My body wants to slow down and quit, but I don’t allow it. I throw caution to the wind, I block out everything around me. I dig deep, I scream, I shout, I grunt, and I push my body beyond its limits. While this is happening, the adrenaline is coursing through my body, the excitement of working towards my goal fills my mind and I’m overcome with emotion. I know that I’m going further than I did yesterday. So I push and I push and I push even harder and harder!

Few people know what is happening to me, they just think I’m crazy. Even less people have experienced this level of euphoria. Days like yesterday are the days where you really make a difference in your body. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you test and push your body far beyond its limits! And as you break those physical and emotional barriers, you become overwhelmed! It’s a beautiful thing!

Tonight, we do some intense Zumba!

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