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Traitor Film Review

I feel like I saw this movie sometime before, I’m not entirely sure. However, I’m a fan of Don Cheadle’s work and the movie has an interesting plot. So either way, it’s worth a second watch.

Normally, I watch movies in one sitting, but if I am watching with my wife, that often becomes at least two sittings. She gets tired and wants to go to bed half the time. So then I generally, (not always) wait for her to finish the movie together. I waited for her on this movie.

Now that tells you, even though I enjoyed the film, I wasn’t super duper crazy about it because if I was, I would have finished it whether or not she stayed up with me. But it was interesting enough that I did want to finish it. There are some films that I simply don’t care about and lose interest.

Without dropping any spoilers here, Don plays an interesting role in this film. He is a member of the terrorist cell, and as one can expect of a terrorist cell, they blow things up. But it’s so much more complicated than just a terrorist cell blowing things up. But I can’t tell you more about that without dropping spoilers.

Let’s just say that things are not always what they seem. The film shows a very conflicted character and his struggle to do the right thing. The question being what is the right thing, and by whose standard is it the right thing? Right and wrong is often a matter of your perspective, is it not?

At one point one of the high ranking terrorist reminded him, “Don’t forget who we serve!” He replied, “I serve God.” Which again brings us to the question, what is the right thing?

This movie is pretty good and if you’ve never seen it you will enjoy it. I’m almost certain I’ve seen it before but there are a lot of movies that I’ve watched ages ago and I completely forget them, so it’s kind of like watching them the first time. Either way this was an entertaining film and worth a watch.

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