Trojan vibrators for free in NYC (Canceled)

Like many New Yorkers I’m sure that some of you heard about the promotion that Trojan was holding in NYC. Small carts scattered throughout the city handing out $50 Trojan vibrators for free!

Being the humorously curious person that I am I decided to check out the one closest to Wall Street with a female coworker that wanted to get one. Upon arrival we discovered that the program was shut down by the city due to some unruly individuals and their bad behavior. They did however allow us to sign up on a list since we came out for the promotion. The workers said they will make good on the promotion and mail a vibrator out to all the folks that came out for the promotion and signed up.

So yes, I have a vibrator coming in the mail. In any case, at least for now the promotion was canceled, so make sure to double check to find out if and when it’s back on. The workers said that they were trying to get permits from the city to continue ASAP. A few of my friends managed to get theirs prior to the shutdown.

Sex toys are fun, especially when free. Play hard, but play safe my friends!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Anthony Ferraro

Not a prude. This was a little ridiculus!!

Anthony Ferraro

What’s next? Ferrari handing out free Ferrari’s – i am not that lucky!!! LOL

NYC Talking

Looks like they are back on. Today at 5pm it kicks off again..

MsBello Maribel

Heard Major Bloomberg had this canceled. What’s wrong with this man, he kills the fun for everyone in everything! ugh!! Mr. Party pooper!!

MsBello Maribel

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Brian Shelby

I didn’t know that Trojan had gotten into the business of making sex toys beyond what they have done with their condom line of products. Interesting! Rock On!