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Troops accused of atrocities.

Anyone that has been in a combat situation will tell you “War is hell.”

Recently there was a situation where some troops were being brought up on criminal charges for war crimes. Accused of killing women and children.

As a former serviceman, I can’t help but try to reason and understand this. What drives a man to that point.

There are documented events where our enemies have used women and children to shield them and launch their attacks against our troops. Soldiers returning from Iraq have provided me first hand live accounts of how civilians protected and hid enemy insurgents. This can and has on several occasion cost the life of one of our own.

This isn’t an attempt to justify or take the situation lightly, yet it must be acknowledged that some of these men have been in combat for a long time. How much of this do you think a man can take before they lose it?

Would you be forgiving of a woman or child that tried to separate from your own children by sending you to the afterworld?

Killing women and children is wrong, but one doesn’t know what really happened out there. Unless you are in the troop’s shoes, or have been at some point, you probably should go back to your privileged life that they have earned you and relax.

Allow investigations to take place, and allow the law to do it’s job. You want to blame someone, then blame the people that attacked our way of life during 9/11. Or blame the oil greedy politicians. Who you should blame depends on what conspiracy theory you subscribe to.

But don’t blame it on the troops, especially the ones that had nothing to do with the atrocities.

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