Trump Supporters Attack

It seems to me that every time someone speaks against Trump, be it online, or at one of his events, they end up attacked, kicked out, spit at, or assaulted.

Is it just me, or is this a recurring pattern?

I have seen several videos thus far that indicate that I am speaking truth. I have seen people get spit at, people have their signs taken and destroyed, people punched, and quite a few of them removed by security.

Some of the people are not doing anything but holding signs, yet the Trump supporters always go in on them. Then from high and above his podium, Master Trump issues the order “Throw then out.” Security then shows up to escort the people out, even if they were the victims of the attack. Then without fail, all the zombies begin to boo and scream at them as they are escorted out.

Now you tell me, what kind of bull crap is that? If Trump is going to lead the free world, he needs to be able to talk to people. Even the ones who don’t like him. Some of these┬ápeople are simply holding signs, so why attack them?

Trump was once on a station that I broadcasted on, I asked for an opportunity to talk to him. They said no. LOL. Surprise. I have been sent swastikas on twitter from Trump supporters, as well as attacked and in some cases blocked for saying anything judgmental about their master.

It’s comical to me, Trump was never a contender. That is until he started the anti immigrant, and anti Muslim attacks. All of a sudden he is the right’s knight in shining armor. What does that say about many who support him? Eh?

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