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Alright guys, this is an anime that I watched a long time ago. Apparently, there are some people who didn’t like this manga to anime transition. You know, I don’t know or care why these people hated it, but I loved this damn show. It is one of my favorite anime series.

I loved the music and the anime. I loved the characters and I really enjoyed it. Granted I am not one of those big anime heads who knows everything about comics and all that crap. I am just a casual fan. However, all that being said I am entitled to my own opinion and I fucking loved it.

I currently got my hands on the full manga version of it and it is very similar to the anime so far. I am enjoying it just as much and I look forward to finishing the entire series in manga format.

Everyone has their own opinion and they are totally entitled to it, I’m cool with that. I just happen to have one of my own and I totally loved this show and I am now loving the manga as well.

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