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Tying a cherry stem knot with your tongue

When I was younger and partied a lot, at one point or another I came across this cool little party trick with a cherry. It’s where you take the cherry stem, put it in your mouth, then tie a tight knot by only using your tongue.

Apparently, this is supposed to indicate some form of superior oral prowess and make women believe that you are really good at giving oral pleasure. At least that was the conclusion I drew based on the reactions I received from the ladies who witnessed my oral talents.

This picture here is an actual knot I tied some years ago, see how perfectly centered and tight that knot it? Furthermore, based on the fact that I’ve had women reach orgasm on my face as I performed the aforementioned oral duties, I think there may be some truth to the assumptions they’ve made. However, I’m not sure about the correlation between tying a cherry stem knot and eating good pussy. But hey, who gives a shit anyway? If you want to believe that, I’m all for it!

It’s a pretty fun and impressive drunk party trick that makes the ladies go crazy. So I say why the hell not, tie a knot! See what I did there!

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