Tyranny and the militarization of the police in America!

Today I was asked, “where are your tea party friends in regard to the constitutional rights of the people of Ferguson?” The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. Now you want to talk about constitutional rights? Where the hell were you in regard to the Constitution all of these years?

Tea party “domestic terrorists” have been talking about the government power grabs for a long time. We have filmed and shared video that showed heavy military equipment rolling into many small towns. We have been fighting for our gun rights for years. We said that they are trying to disarm us, to control us. You called us crazy. We talked about how the DHS is buying enough ammo to fund a full-scale war. You said we are crazier. We called this administration a bunch of socialist that don’t honor the constitution. Again, you called us crazy people.

However, when they start to tear gas and attack your peaceful protests, then you want to invoke the Constitution? You are hilarious individuals. I always said that no one would be immune to abuse when it hits the fan. Meanwhile, all of you individuals thought that the only people who would be getting screwed by this power grab would be the political opposition.

Welcome to reality ladies and gentlemen, no one is immune from the abuse of power. As you can see, when it hits the fan, the people in power don’t care who you voted for. They demand total obedience, regardless of the circumstances at hand. Failure to obey their every order, leads to this chaos that we now have in Ferguson.

So here is my answer to my liberal friend, we have been in the foreground all along. We are still here, perhaps you should open your eyes and see what we have been fighting for all this time?

I do not support or condone the rioting that is happening. In fact, I condemn the behavior. Robbing, burning, or looting mom and pop shops doesn’t help anyone. However, let’s look at this power grab for what it is. Government Tyranny, that which we have been warning you all about for years. A disarmed people, are nothing but victims waiting to happen. Open your eyes my friends, do you still think we are crazy?

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