Underground Secret Clothing Sales

When I was a kid, I remember one of my aunts used to get the scoop as to when there would be these secret outlet sales at some random space in Manhattan. As I think back on it, I wonder if these were sample sales, or straight up just some underground secret sales of items that “fell off the truck.”

I couldn’t tell you if the items were original or bootleg, but I do recall their being some dope Filas gear, and other name brands at really reduced prices. Also everyone was super secretive about the locations out of fear of being busted.

They’d take like a empty floor or something, and just set up all the clothes for people to go and buy stuff. Back then it was cash only, credit cards were unheard of. Especially for people who needed to attend these shady events to get clothes.

I wish I could remember more details about this, I’ll have to ask my aunt. However, that memory came to me and I thought it was funny the way we did things while Growing up Bronx.

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