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Untucked Shirt Commercial

I was watching tv late night, and during one of the IMDB shows, a commercial came on where a guy said, “I need to share a secret with you that changed my life.” When this commercial came on, it seemed like they were headed towards a mental health or medical grade commercial. I was expecting someone to come out introduce a product and then say “side effects include nausea, headaches, dizziness and in some rare extreme cases, death.” 

However, “the greatest discovery” this guy in the commercial ever made was this untucked, casual dress shirt. Yeah, during his short time on Earth, despite probably having witnessed many awesome things, my man expects us to believe that this shirt, this untucked shirt was his single great discovery?

I mean, what the hell dude? Seriously? The greatest discovery you ever made was a shirt? That really makes one wonder what your life must has been like up to that point. How dull can you existence have been, and what you have experienced before that moment?

I know it’s a commercial, but you’d think that these advertisers would do better!  “My great discovery” my ass! LOL.

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