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Upcoming George Zimmerman verdict?

So how do you think this is going to play out? Police in Sanford are preparing for possible riots, as they very well should be. Facebook and twitter have been used to threaten Zimmerman, I’ve read statements such as “He will get what he deserves one way or the other”. Calls for violence have been made should he be deemed not guilty and walk.

Ironically, or maybe not ironically, the very people that are complaining about Zimmerman defending his life are the ones calling for his life to be taken. The hypocrisy runs deep with these folks!

I don’t know what to expect out of this situation, but judging from the trial, it appears to me that Zimmerman will most likely walk. The people supporting Trayvon Martin have no legal right to harm this man once he is cleared by a jury of his peers. That’s the law and that’s the way the law works in a civilized society.

Do you think that if he is convicted, the people that support George Zimmerman would riot?

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7 years ago

Upcoming George Zimmerman verdict?

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